A hacker hacked Banque Misr in Minya Governorate, Samalut branch, and seized more than 5 million pounds


Banque Misr, one of the largest banks in the government sector, failed to protect its customers’ bank accounts from electronic hacking, and to complete money transfers from them for the benefit of unknown persons and destinations, which made a large number of its customers question its electronic security means and systems in securing the confidentiality of  their bank account information.

A number of Banque Misr clients, specifically in Minya Governorate, were subjected to deception and hacking of their bank accounts, after they received phone calls from unknown persons claiming to be from Banque Misr customer service, during which they completed banking operations on their accounts and transferred funds in their favor.

A message from Banque Misr:

A woman appeared during a live broadcast on social media, in which she confirmed that she was among the clients who had been hacked into their bank accounts at Banque Misr.

The lady said, that she received a phone call three days ago from an unknown person claiming to be from Banque Misr customer service, who is updating the personal data of the bank’s customers and linking their accounts online within the bank’s digital transformation strategy, and despite her refusal to disclose her personal account number or any of her banking information as That the caller did not ask her for that data, but asked her to wait on the phone until the bank sends fuel in a message to her personal phone number.


And she continued, "Indeed, I received a message a few minutes later bearing the name of Banque Misr, then I gave this person the four-digit code from left to right as requested, to confirm that their data was challenged and their accounts were linked to the online account."


She added, "After ending the call with this unknown person, and despite not receiving any messages stating that any withdrawal or transfer of money was made to my account, I received a new call today from the main Misr Bank branch stating that that call was from scammers, and they stole $200 thousand pounds from his bank account.

Administrative confusion: 

The video clip showed the process of administrative confusion in Banque Misr, where the employees of the Minya branch confirmed to a woman at the start of the investigation that the main branch of Banque Misr sent warning messages stating the need to educate the branch’s clients not to answer any of the phone calls and messages received by them bearing the name of Banque Misr and circulating their information Banking with unknown numbers, claiming to serve the bank’s customers, which they did not implement.


The lady confirmed, that although this person did not give any personal data or information about his bank account, he transferred the money, saying, "It is unreasonable that this person works from outside the bank. I did not give him any details about my accounts, and despite that, he transfer of funds.

Other customer accounts have been hacked:

The lady indicated that she was not the only one who was subjected to a theft operation on his bank account, but rather included the theft of 300,000 pounds from another bank account for one person and theft of personal accounts for another number in the same way, as confirmed by the main branch when the case was transferred to him and the presence of a number of other clients. Their accounts were stolen through the same messages, questioning the extent of security provided by the bank to protect its customers' accounts from hacking.

 So far, the woman has not recovered her stolen money, and it has not been determined who was behind these operations and to which party the sums were transferred.

Banque Misr admits the incident:

Banque Misr issued a press statement today, in which it admitted that the fraud occurred to one of the customers of the Samalout branch, without going into details, stressing that it is fully responsible for the money of its depositors, and that the interests of its customers are at the top of its priorities and interests.



The bank stressed that it takes all measures to protect depositors' funds in accordance with the regulations and laws regulating this, and that the incident is under investigation and investigation by the competent authorities, as frauds fall under the law and within the authority of the Egyptian state. Banque Misr does not compromise in its duty towards protecting rights as required by banking laws and regulations.