An Israeli company has developed a virtual character database for marketing purposes.

 The startup intends to pay volunteers to use their real images for commercial purposes.

The Virtual Characters project has begun during Startup Hour One in Tel Aviv (Israel), where participants are recruiting volunteers to pose for the benefit of creating 3D avatars. Advertising and instructional films will employ deepfakes.

Hour One has a library of roughly 100 characters, and it will be enlarged. The company plans to compensate volunteers for their participation in commercial campaigns by having them appear in personal photographs.

If you want to be a virtual actor on Hour One, head to the Hour One website and link your Instagram account. There is no requirement for an applicant to look a certain way as everyone is qualified for this position.

After approval, Hour One specialists will record their volunteer's visage and facial emotions against a green background while conducting a chat. After the recording has been completed, the startup's software analyses it and allows other companies to purchase a virtual persona for advertising purposes.

According to the company, the voices for videos are produced with the use of neural networks.