Poly Network Hacker Successfully Retrieves the Stolen Funds

  The owners of Poly Network received the key to the crypto wallet, which contained a tranche in the amount of $ 141 million - this is the last part of the assets stolen in early August.

The hacker who attacked the Poly Network protocol on August 10th and withdrew 611 million dollars, supplied the project developers the key to the wallet containing 141 million dollars from the stolen cash (including 33 million UDS stables prohibited by the currency issuer - Tether).

In his views on the transaction, he remarked that it was "one of the strangest adventures in life."

The Poly Network has indicated that all assets were recovered, as well as those that were previously frozen, and transferred control of those assets to their original owners.

"As of now, all user assets were entirely restored after the event ... We're getting all of their assets back to the users as quickly as we can "Poly Network said in a statement, "We are evaluating our operational structure and capabilities in the face of this new environment."