The LockBit ransomware stole over 200 GB of data from Bangkok Airways  

 After Bangkok Airways refused to pay the ransom, the group released the data.

Bangkok Airways, one of Thailand's largest airlines, has admitted to a passenger data leak as a result of a LockBit ransomware attack.

The company made the announcement in a press release issued a day after the group posted a message on its darknet portal threatening to release the stolen data if the airline did not pay the ransom.

The ransomware gave the company five days to meet the conditions, but after Bangkok Airways refused to negotiate, the ransomware released the entire array of stolen data.

The majority of the stolen files, according to company representatives, are business-related documentation, but hackers were able to steal personal data from Bangkok Airways customers.

The airline did not say how many victims were involved, but it did say that the compromised information could include passengers' names, nationality, gender, phone numbers, email addresses, contact information, passport information, travel history, and partial credit information. kart.

LockBit is currently the most active extortionist group that has filled the void left by the departure of the sensational groups REvil, DarkSide, and Avaddon.