On a hacker forum, the whole source code for the Babuk ransomware has been revealed.

 The sources were shared by one of Babuk's alleged developers.

The complete source code of the Babuk (Babyk) ransomware programme, which became widely known following the attack on the Washington Police Department, has been published on the Russian-language XSS hacker forum.

According to the information on the forum, the Babuk encryption program's source code was posted directly by its developer. The young man stated that he had cancer, that he did not have long to live, and that he had been provided for the rest of his life.

The vx-underground team's specialists were the first to notice the "leak." The source, according to a Twitter post, was posted by one of Babuk's alleged developers. The released file includes several Visual Studio Babuk projects for VMware ESXi, NAS, and Windows.

The Windows folder includes the complete source code for the Windows encryptor, decryptor, and private and public key generators.

The leak includes, among other things, ransomware and decryptors for specific victims of the ransomware group.

Experts from Emsisoft and McAfee who examined the source code have already confirmed the code's authenticity.

Remember that the Babuk ransomware first surfaced at the start of this year? The malware targeted organisations all over the world, demanding $ 60-85 thousand in bitcoins in exchange for decrypted files. Among his victims are the Phone House chain of mobile device stores and PDI Group, one of the leading American manufacturers of weapons control systems.

Following the attack on the Washington Police Department, the developers announced a halt in operations. Despite this, a new version of the ransomware - Babuk V2 - appeared after a while and is still active.