7 million Israelis' personal information was stolen by hackers.

 The attacker has posted the personal data of dozens of Israelis on the Internet and claims to have information about 7 million citizens.

Sang Kansel, the hacker, claims to have stolen the identities of an estimated 7 million Israeli Israelis by breaking into the CITY4U website, which is used by municipalities and local councils.

Local governments in a number of cities use this service to collect various payments. Israelis use it to pay for things like water, council property tax, and fines.

According to Israeli media, the assailant posted the personal information of dozens of Israelis on the Internet and claimed to have data on 7 million people.

Identity cards, driver's licenses, tax returns, notices of fines, education, water and parking payment certificates, and other documents were among the data stolen.

The attacker claims to be the owner of the existing database for 2021. However, it has been discovered that some of the open data is already out of date, and the IDs that have recently become public are not yet available.

According to experts, there was most likely a malfunction in CITY4U's data protection mechanism.