Hackers hide malware in video card memory

 A hacker forum sold a prototype of a technology that allows you to hide malicious software (software) in the memory of a video card.

According to the BleepingComputer portal, hackers have developed a method for placing and storing malicious code in the memory of a video card, which prevents antivirus software from detecting it. It's unclear how the exploit works.

The hacker who created it only stated that it allows you to place malware in video memory and then execute it directly from there.

He also stated that the exploit is only compatible with Windows operating systems that support the OpenCL 2.0 framework or later.

According to the hacker, he tested the malware's performance with integrated Intel UHD 620 and UHD 630 graphics, as well as discrete graphics cards Radeon RX 5700, GeForce GTX 1650, and mobile GeForce GTX 740M.

If the claim is true, a large number of systems are in jeopardy.

On August 8, the cybercriminal advertised the sale of the tool on one of the hacker forums.

On August 25, the seller announced that the transaction had been completed successfully.

The deal's terms were not disclosed.

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