Hacker group Cyber ​​AV3NGERS and power outages in Yavne Israel what happened?

 How did one hacker group plunge an entire city into darkness?

The Iranian hacking organization Cyber ​​Avengers, also known as CyberAv3ngers, has claimed responsibility for the recent power disruptions in the city of Yavne, Israel. The issue has grown to such an extent that local authorities, including the mayor, are demanding quick action. The event came just after accusations of possible cyber warfare in the region, making it highly significant to cybersecurity specialists.

The organization "Cyber ​​Av3ngers" uploaded a video detailing how they allegedly hacked power grid management systems.

Israeli authorities have not confirmed that the power interruptions were caused by a hacking attack. A spokeswoman for Israeli power firm IEC claimed the interruptions were caused by a technical problem. He further noted that the corporation is examining the situation and cooperating with law enforcement agencies.

Cybersecurity experts are urging for greater monitoring and improved protection of key infrastructure to avoid such accidents in the future. Particular attention is dedicated to increasing protection against cyber attacks, as well as educating staff to timely detect and avoid any risks.

According to Mayor Yavneh, frequent power interruptions caused millions of shekels in property damage. Considering the financial damage and threat to life, it is vital to figure out the real reason of these accidents.

The Yavneh event was a reminder of how crucial it is to pay attention to cybersecurity in the current world, especially in light of the possibility of cyber warfare. The necessity to tighten security measures for vital infrastructure is becoming increasingly evident.

The situation in the Middle East has deteriorated to the extreme. Today, Israel and Palestine are engaged in a full-fledged war that threatens to expand into a regional conflict. Iran has voiced its support for Palestine, which shells Israeli cities from the Gaza Strip. Israel replies with heavy bombings in Gaza, damaging three-story buildings and killing senior Hamas officials.

In July 2023, the organization launched an attack on the location of the largest oil refinery in Israel, which is located in Haifa. The plant's website was inaccessible for several hours, but production was not disrupted. The group "Cyber ​​Av3ngers" produced a video showcasing the plant's control systems they reportedly hacked. The video also carried the message: “We are the cyber avengers. We torched your oil. Wait for us."