Hackers Cyber ​​Av3ngers said they hacked the Dorad power facility in Israel

 Hackers Cyber ​​Av3ngers said they hacked the Dorad power facility in Israel

The hacker group Cyber ​​Av3ngers, which previously claimed responsibility for attacks on an oil refinery and power supply systems in Israel, has announced a new breach. This time, the objective of the hackers was the Dorad power plant in Ashkelon, which is one of the largest private power plants in the country. The power plant operates on natural gas and has a capacity of 860 megawatts.

As proof of their penetration into the power plant's network, the hackers published photographs of documents, drawings and other technical documentation related to the operation of the plant on their Telegram channel. The hackers also claim that they have managed to obtain access to the power plant's control and monitoring systems and that they can cause serious damage to its operation.

The power plant's website is presently unavailable to visitors. Representatives of Dorad Energy, which controls the power plant, have not yet commented on the situation. is uncertain whether there was any impact on electricity production and supply.

The attack on the Dorad power plant occurred amid an escalation in the conflict between Israel and Gaza Strip. past two days, thousands of rockets have been launched at Israeli cities, causing casualties and destruction. Israel responds with enormous airstrikes on Gaza targets.

The Cyber ​​Av3ngers group is one of several hacker organizations that have links to Iran and its allies. These groups routinely carry out cyberattacks against Israeli targets in an attempt to damage critical infrastructure and undermine the country's security. Israeli intelligence services are actively combating this threat and undertaking their cyber operations against potential adversaries.