About the project 

 The site for security-related information on the Internet, including Internet law and emerging technology, is known as www.anhackers.com. New technology, issues around intellectual property, as well as a variety of political, legal, ethical, and social challenges 

concerning the development of a global information society are covered in the news section. a single, comprehensive English-language site with immediate and thorough information about vulnerabilities, followed by analysis and solutions to help the vulnerability be eliminated is what anhackers.com offers.

 In this area, you will find tools to perform an analysis of a company's possible hazards when its network infrastructure is hacked and methods to minimise these risks. In the Analytics section, the site provides analytical pieces written by the site's authors and translators on numerous subjects linked to technology, commerce, and legislation in regard to the subject of the site.

 Each month, the articles help site visitors keep up to date on the latest antivirus protection technology, incident investigation technology, and intrusion detection and assault technology. This section has notices from over 50 different software providers about security updates. 

This data empowers you to determine the kind of vulnerabilities a corporation is likely to face while using a particular operating system in its information environment, as well as, the ideal solution choice to mitigate such threats. system administrators who provide information protection services can estimate the hazards to which their systems are exposed, 

apply suitable safeguards to help them avoid being the targets of an attack, and stay current with information on attempts to compromise their network security. Soft holds details about more than 2,000 different commercial and free applications which will help you rapidly make the best decision based on the facts supplied. It's simple to post questions at our forum. It's the most popular information security forum in Egypt, and the questions get answered quickly and comprehensively.